Jackdaw Boxes  –  About Us

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Jackdaw Boxes restores clients’ own Antique Boxes through our Restoration Service and also sells boxes from our Web Shop.  Jackdaw Boxes is a cottage-based enterprise located in a small village on the edge of the Somerset Levels. We work from a  C15th Grade II Listed building.  We apply similar principles to boxes as to our home.  We carry out honest repairs, and at the same time have a view to bringing back into use, for future generations, something of unique and intrinsic value.

Our work with Jackdaw Boxes is thus metaphorically connected to that of the restoration of our working home. Un-cared for and neglected over a period of time, our aspiration is to breathe new life into it for the years ahead. Like a neglected and damaged box – ‘something which is old and broken and which has been mended, is worth far more than something which is new.’

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