Memory Boxes

…..the business of life is the acquisition of memories…..       Carson, Downton Abbey

Memory boxes can be used to store special objects for secure-keeping. We all collect small items which remind us of people and places and which help us to remember certain occasions. Such items allow us to recall these, often with tremendous clarity.

The boxes already have a sense of time and a previous life, so they are symbolic of what may be inside. Just as, in previous generations, the family photo album could evoke people and past times, opening your memory box and looking at your collected items can be a shared time with other family members. Conversations will be started about personal memories that perhaps were unknown by children or grandchildren.

A box can be a special gift for children, and it will stay with them throughout their life, if it is cared for. Due to its relatively small size, what goes into the box has to be selected, and so choices will have to be made, a lesson for life itself. The box also represents a personal space and a safe place for the chosen “treasures”.

My Memory Box

When I was 11 years old my grandfather gave me this box shown below. It was falling apart and needed a bit of attention. I think it was a bit of a challenge he thought he’d set me.

Over time I have put a number of objects in it, which, if I were to share their meaning with you, would help describe aspects of me and my life.

Memory Boxes

Mine contains such things as: my wedding ring, grandad’s pocket watch, my primary School colours, a CND badge, a fishing fly the art of which tying’s was taught by a dear friend, my dad’s old fly reel, a seat number from a train which took me across the old Soviet Union, a letter addressed to my Grandmother telling her of her brother’s death in 1917. You would also find such things as fossils, shells and coins, each of which could tell a story each of which triggers personal memories and meaning.

We feel that our memory boxes might give you – if you haven’t one already – a personal storage space for the important things which give meaning to your own life – a Memory Box. You might like to think of it as a personal time capsule.