New Brass Plaques

New Brass Plaques for Box Lids

New Plaques page topThe original plaque on a box’s lid sometimes becomes unstuck and lost. It could be that an original engraved plaque has lost its meaning to any new owner.  We have a variety of new brass plaques available,  which might be thought of as suitable, to replace this loss.

We have a variety of  new brass plaques for sale – see   Plaques for Sale    £7.50   plus  £1.50 p+p

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The brass plaques have been made through an acid-etching process. A basic summary of the process is:

1.The artwork is produced onto a transparent film.

2.The film is exposed in a light-box along with the brass sheet  and substrate, to produce an acid-resistant stencil.

3.The brass is evenly sprayed with ferric acid for  approximately 10 minutes.

4.The resist is stripped of chemically.

The brass plaques are cut to finish using a guillotine and then cleaned and finished to suit box lid prior to attaching.

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The Sea-Horse Plaque

 The Sea Horse Plaque will appear on some of our boxes for sale. These boxes would have lost their original lid-plaque. This artwork comes from an unused etching, originally intended for an Island Records label in the 1970’s. At last, this artwork has found a use where its originality can be shared in some meaningful way.

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