Restoration Service


We offer a restoration service which allows you to be completely in control of any refurbishment needs, along with their costs. This process involves developing a client-led specification for your box with and for you. Any specification can relate to the structural needs of your box through to its finishes. You might seek to achieve particular modifications to arrive at possible new uses for your box – you might like to achieve an ‘as near as original’ result for something which has been neglected.

You can gain some insights to this service by looking at What’s In The Workshop.  This area contains recent work undertaken for clients.

You can gain further insights, along with some of our approaches, by browsing through the following digital magazines:


The process of arriving at the client-led specification is achieved through you communicating with us via e-mail, or by a pre-arranged personal visit. With e-mail contacts we aim to provide an initial response within 24 hours. With personal visits, specifications and costings can be done at the time and you should allow at least an hour to be with us.

Once any specification has been arrived at it can be costed in terms of time/labour, materials and return carriage costs. Once this has been confirmed and agreed then restoration work can begin.
When work on the box is finished we will send you an invoice, and once payment is complete, we will post the box back via courier, or you can collect it from us.

Payment can be made via:

PayPal – we will send you a PayPal invoice.
Direct Bank Transfer – we will send an invoice with our account details.
Cheque – made payable to Jackdaw Boxes