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Writing Box

Writing Box, of unusual craftmanship, with geometric parquetry of different woods on every external surface. Also, smaller geometric motifs inset on all sides, beneath the top lid, and on reverse of the upper slope. Possibly of European origin, late 19th/early 20th century. The front face of the box hinges open to form a slope with green textured leather. The upper slope lifts off with a leather tab, to reveal storage space beneath which will easily store A 4 paper. The base lined with an Esme Winter paper, Terractotta Jazz. The ink- bottle and pen holder compartments are very spacious they also lift out. An interesting box, highly decorative inside and out. No key. JB 0279

Width39 cmHeight8 cmFront/Back30 cm

Price 260.00

P&P 15.00

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